Got an emailed invitation to schedule an event, but can't because "recurrence set wasn't found"

I got an email from a large organization that I work with, which included an invitation to a teleconference. With Thunderbird/Lightning, I’d click ok for these and the item would be added to my local calendar.

I just started with eM client and it seems ok so far, but it adds the following above the invitation:
“You have been invited to the following schedule items.”

There is no “OK” / “Accept” button to click.

Below the invitation, there is another box:

“This is schedule item ocurrence whose recurrence set wasn’t found. This item cannot be added.”

I assume this is a failure to follow some protocol on the part of the sender’s software, but that doesn’t help me. Can’t the software assume no recurrence unless otherwise specified? Is there any way I can get around this problem?


I am sorry for my response so delayed, anyway if this issue is still in place please send me that invitation saved as .eml (if you have received it by email) or as .ics (if you have received it by calendar invitation).

send it to with this topic’s url in subject. I will look at it and respond you over email.

with regards