Google Workspace - External label is shown as "Important" in eM Client

A few days ago we switched to Google Workspace. Integration in eM Client was quite easy, the only problem we see is that the “External Label” from Gmail is shown as “Important Label” within eM Client.

Is this a know bug? We are using eM Client 9.2.2157


Not sure what you mean by “External label” ? Can you do an example screenshot of where you are seeing the important label and post it in this thread. Blank out anything personal.

Hi @cyberzork

Screenhot from Gmail Client with yellow “External/Extern” label:


Screenshot of same Mail from eM Client which shows “Important/Wichtig” label instead of “External”:

02_Label_Extern_in_eM Client_web


The Important tag is showing in the first screenshot between the Extern and Inbox tags. It is a small version of the Important tag, a yellow arrow, because you are in the message list.

@Gary: Thanks a lot :+1:t4: