Google Talk Group Chats

I currently have my gmail set up to use Goole Talk chat, and it’s great for individual chats, but I have a few group chats with more than one person on them. Does the chat client support these or do I have to go to gmail in my browser?


Hi Brian, unfortunately group chats are currently not a supported feature, maybe in future releases though.

Thank you for understanding,

Has there been any movement on this since 2 years? I really love everything about the application so far, but we use group chats for a lot of reasons, and its causing me to have to go back to to the GMAIL application, which stinks. Any update would be helpful!

I would be interested in this, as I’m evaluating the product for developers (half of who are on windows). We definitely need group chats for this to be even considered (everything else has been good so far)

is there an update on this feature as it has been 4 years since first posted?