Google Meet Integration


I have been trying 8.2 for few days. I was very pleased to see integration with different video conference services. We use google workspace for our company. One of the issues I noticed is starting a video conference event from em client generates ONLY the video link. If we generate this event online from google calendar, it generates both video link and dial in number with a PIN.

Not sure if the beta did not account for that?

Beta (8.2) correspondence should be redirected to

I have shared with them already. Last I checked, this forum is to share issues for the good of the group?

Thank you for the feedback. We will include the dial-in number and PIN in description for now and in future we may show that as distinct fields directly in our user interface, but this is currently under consideration. The dial-in number and PIN in description field will be included in all the upcoming 8.2 releases.


Great news, Thank you Michael.

Thank you @Michal_Burger. That is great news.
While at it, please consider integrating Zoho as well. Many of the top 500 companies that we do business with use Zoho as their main videoconferencing tool (for obvious security reasons). That would really be great!

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