(google) maps link / button integration into contact / contacts window

Is it possible to link a maps service (i.e.)
google maps directly from the eM Client contact window?

Obviously Microsoft does that for instance in Outlook 2010
(linking to bing maps). It would be a huge usability improvement
since it’s always three or four more steps of additional work from
contact window to map:
to copy a contacts adress, open up a browser window,
open up maps, insert the adress from adress field.


this feature has been already implemented but we decided to remove it because of few complications. I will discuss it with our developers and we will re-consider it.

Has a reconsideration generated some news? As thunderbirdy i like the google-calendar-tab very much, so i have no need to manually switch to chrome to check an address i added in my calendar-entry. The Mailbird-approach of connected apps is appealing, but mailbird is after years of asking not able to provide addressbook-syncing and always, always phones home, if you like it or not. What will be your way? I’d really like to pay 70 Euro for my final email client, stop researching and trying and hassle…

Same here.
This would be a plus.

A link on Calendar address entries would be nice also.