Google mail stopped working

I have 2 accounts on my em client a gmail account, and a hotmail account.
hotmail account is still working,
but gmail has stopped with the message connection failed, and the account has stopped functioning,

As you Hotmail account is working, then EM Client must be ok.

First check that you can access your Gmail account via a web browser online to make sure your Google account access is working.

Next if you have already tried closing and re-opening EM Client and same problem, then i would first suggest to check that you have the latest version of EMC via the version history page and update to the latest version if you have an older version - Release History | eM Client

If you already have the latest version of EMC, then do a backup via “Menu / Backup” and then remove and re-add your Gmail account. As its an IMAP account, your email & any folders will come back.

Note:- If you remove and re-add your Gmail account in EMC, when you add it, Make sure you click the “Allow” Blue button on the “Gmail Prompt” authorization window when you are asked…