Google Hangouts option? as google talk is now gone

Now that Google Talk is no more how can we add chat through google hangouts?  is that an option yet?  Using the trial and our company will more than likely be purchasing licenses as it suits our needs.

If anyone knows how I can add google chat option pleas advise.

Hello Darryl, eM Client unfortunately doesn’t support Google Hangouts, however Google Talk XMPP communication is still supported for all google accounts, so if you have an XMPP client (like eM Client) you can stil use the application for chat with you Google account.

Thanks for the information, Issue I am having is that I can select the chat option when I select the person email under contact details, but I do not have a contact list when I select chat, is there something I am missing in order to have a viewable contact list when I select chat?

Sorry, I’m still not completely sure what you mean, you can add chat contacts to the list by right clicking the area of your chat window or list in the sidebar and selecting “new contact” or by clicking on the “More” button below the buddies list and selecting “Add contact”. Chat contacts can be linked to your contacts in the contacts folder, however are not automatically added to the folder.