Google Hangouts Add In

Hi EMClient,
I am trialling the free version before purchasing the licence.
We use Google Hangouts Meeting for all our video conferencing.
I have searched your forum and the last conversation o this appears to be 2 years ago.
Are you planning on adding the Google Hangouts ability to EM Client anytime soon as otherwise this will be a deal breaker for us.
Many thanks,

The response from eM Client has been a bit thin, but it is still marked as under consideration. :slight_smile:

Thanks Gary. It looks like we will need to go with MailBird instead then. Such a shame.

I am on the em Client trial, but this is a deal killer.  I loved eM Client, but need to switch to Mailbird.

Please eM support/developers: please at least  add “Join Hangouts Meet” and “Join by Phone” fields to notes field of eM Calendar meetings.

Our meetings are all held in Google Hangouts call-in, not a physical location and though the event shows up in our eM calendar, the link to join the meeting does not.  So, I need to exit eM and bring up Google calendar to get the link and join my meeting. Very annoying.