Google Forms wont open its adds " %20" to the end of the url address - Dynamic Link not Found error

Hi guys

when I click on a google forms url link inside a email reply, the link open to my web browser.

but then I get a error message DYNAMIC Link Not Find appear in my browser

somehow a %20 is added to the end of the URL address.

the same email when forward to my outlook client works perfect ( open in browser , directly to google form)

please assist , is this a bug


is here on my compi all okay (version 7.2.35595.0)


what are your default apps set to?  Make em client your default mail and than the browser that you want to use as your default.  Some times if these are not set the URL will not be read properly

Hi There

Still not working 

default apps emclient and browser chrome.


But it works fine when I  forwarded the same email to my  outlook client and clicked on the link
in outlook ( it opens up in my chrome browser perfect)???