Google custom fields synchronization - info being discarded

I use Google custom field names in contacts, and the eM Client does not support it. I use it a lot to write some info about the data. When opening a contact and saving some change, all custom field names are lost. This would not be so bad if I could choose to synch only from Google to eM direction, but I does not found this option. I want to know what to do. Thanks.

After some tests I updated the type of topic, now I know it is a problem.

Please see this topic:…
We are working on the fix.

This is another problem. The customized field names (field labels) typed are removed and replaced by some selection from the standard choices.
My test used an entry with several customized fields, typed first in Google and downloaded to eM. eM only show standard field names. I changed one cell phone number in eM and saved. In Google, all customized names were lost.
I use it to type the cell phone operator (to know how I will be billed), to write when it is the wife phone, or when I wish one entry to a company but typing in each phone from which place in the city it is located. If one entry will have more than one not-work address, they must be annotated this way, only “home” does not fit. A person could be from a consulting firm and have two work addresses, one the consulting firm and another the client where usually it works. (I was a PalmOS user and the contacts were more flexible to do things like that).
In Google web interface you can type over the selection, and in an Android phone one of the choices is to type yor own label. This is non standard, several file formats does not support it but it is very useful and works well.
This problem happens with every other mail software out there, but to claim Google compliance I think it must be done.