Google Contacts Sync Problem

EmClient is the only program I am using that doesn’t correctly reflect my Google Contacts.

All my phones and tablets show the same number of Contacts and reflect Google’s own web-based Contacts.
Our house has three pcs that each show different totals and sometimes multiple contact entries for the same person albeit each slightly different to each other.

I am using EmClient version 7.2.36908.0 on all three.

I have been having th same problem but have just solved it.  I went to the Contacts section of EmClient, I right clicked on my Google email address which contained the contacts. Then go to properties, then click repair.  This did it for me. 

I’ve just solved my problem.  In the Contacts tab of EmClient, I right clicked on my email address, went to properties and selected repair.  This solved my problem.

Hi David.

I’ll give it a go and get back to you.


I think this worked for me. TY!