google contacts not syncing

To my dismay this morning on opening eM Client, all my contacts had gone.  After much experimenting, searching the forum, and exporting/importing from google (why are there no ‘notes’ fields available in eM Client by the way?), I noticed that I could only see local folders under ‘contacts’.

Then a  light bulb moment - going to Menu/Tools/Accounts, under the google account I noticed the option for ‘contacts’ was unchecked.  How?  It had been checked previously, and I’ve no idea how it had happened.  Checking it again, and the google account and all my contacts reappeared.

This might help others with a similar problem.


(why are there no ‘notes’ fields available in eM Client by the way?)

Don’t really know the answer to that, but maybe you can just use the Notes field instead. :wink:

Hello Bob,

In the next eM Client version (version 8), there will be the whole new Notes section added.
Please follow our Blog where we’ll start presenting the new features soon:


Ah, I see. I thought he was referring to a notes field in contacts, not a separate Notes section. :wink:

I was referring to doing an import from Google where there wasn’t a corresponding ‘notes’ field available to map to.  At least I couldn’t find one.

Sorry for any confusion caused.  I’ve been using eM Client for a few months now and love it!

Yes, that is an odd one. Although the notes field is there (see my screenshot) there is no map option.

But you don’t need to import from a csv for Google. Just add the Google account to eM Client and it will automatically sync the contacts.

Hi Gary,

yes that’s what a realised once the initial panic was brought under control!  I’m still learning things with eM Client so forgive the dumb reasoning.  For example, I’ve only just found I can modify the layout of a folder then apply that to a number of others.  Wow!  That 's powerful and such a time saver.

Oh, you will find a few things yet that aren’t obvious. :wink:

I opened a support ticket this morning though about the missing notes field in csv import. It really should be there in the map options.