[Google Contacts]Deleting items in folder ... failed

Getting the Operations window pop up with this message at the beginning of every session:

[Google Contacts]Deleting items in folder '[email protected]/Contacts' failed due to the following error: Parameter validation failed for "resourceName" : The value did not match the regular expression ^people/[^/]+$

(Where myusername is not a configuration issue, just me obfuscating my private information).

Aside from toggling the Operations window off for errors, can this be resolved another way?

You can go to the Contacts section of eM Client and right-click on your Google Contacts folder, then select Properties > Repair.

Thanks Gary!


Maybe a future version of eM could add such a suggestion to or direct button to the Error tab of the Operations dialog. Either way, great to have such an option available … though it is a tad buried :slight_smile: haha.

Thanks again Gary!

Gary, I have been getting this message for years but have just lived with it. Recently, I combined all my Google contacts into a different file, but I was still getting the message about an empty file. Your suggestion fixed it. Thank you!