Google contact upload error on eM Client Start only.

I installed eMClient a few days ago.  Every thing works except:
Each time, when I first start eMClient I get the following error  (copied from the log)
where  vvvvvv is my google account name. 

9:52:42 AM   MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException: Uploading item(s) to folder ‘[email protected]/Contacts/’ failed due to the following error: Execution of request failed: (Invalid request.)
9:52:42 AM    at MailClient.Protocols.Gdata.GenericGdataCommand.Execute(WorkerStatus status)

The error NORMALLY ONLY occurs when I open eM Client.  It does NOT occur when I do a email refresh. That error did occur once when I tried to enter my first local contact and when both the check marks for google and outlook contacts (my only linked contacts) were UNchecked. Even though the error occurred and I did not have Google contacts checked, the contact was entered into my google contacts - not local  ???.   

I have my google contacts connected in contacts.  They show and seem to work as expected - I.E. contacts entered on my mobile show up n eMClient.
In properties for accounts for google I have it set for POP3  port 995 SSL/TLS on special port legacy, 
 SMTP prot 587  Force usage of SSL/TLS
In General info. I have the following services checked  POP3, SMTP, XMPP, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Google settings.

Any hints, suggestions would be appreciated.

Can’t offer any comments about errors with Google, but can regarding the saving of contacts:

When you create a new contact, before saving it, make sure that you have the correct location selected. If you want to save the contact to your Google account, click the location and choose the appropriate folder.

Thanks Gary I missed that.  New user error.  

So now I have new information.  I tried to enter a new contact to google contacts (selected it this time) and got two errors (same error). 
Looks like the two contacts I added for google contacts using eMClient  are causing the errors. 

Something set up wrong I would guess

New Information: 
I removed the two new contacts I added with eMClient to my google contacts.  Neither were uploaded to my Google account.   I still got the error on eMClient startup!  

THEN I did a repair on google contacts account (Properties repair)  The message went away on start up.  SO.   only new entries still remaining cause the error.  Delete the added entries and do a repair, no more errors

Again, Google contacts added on google account or cell phone do sync down to eMClient

Download sync works.   Upload sync does not. 

Is this related to this issue? 

OTHER QUESTION.   Is this supposed to work when I do a POP3 email setup? or is that even related to contact sync?

Something has me a little confused because setting up a GMail account in eM Client with POP3 should not include the XMPP, Contacts, Calendar, and Google settings. How did you manage that?

I do not know and do not know what xmpp is. 
An update:
I installed eM Client on my laptop windows 10 …   and synced with google account and that install works perfect.  SO,  is something to do with my PC install.  Away from home now but next week, on my hone PC, I will remove my gmail account, uninstall eM Client leaving database then try it all again.  If that does not work I will remove database and everything else then reinstall and add google account .   If that does not work it is something in windows 10 on that PC (blocked port or ??}

XMPP is the Google Chat protocol.

The easiest way to proceed is to make a backup on your laptop, then restore that backup on your PC. Before you do that, first export any data from the PC that you want to keep that is not on the laptop as well. Because the account was setup as POP3, it would have deleted the messages from the server after some time, so those will not have synced with the laptop.

I don’t think a blocked port is the cause as the client is communicating with the server. But if the backup/restore route does not help, disable your anti-virus and any VPN or proxy on the PC, then try again.

Got it!   I do have some VPNs on the pc - same anti-virus as lap top but will check all of these.  I think I just got a bad install because was first time and I set up things wrong a couple of time which may have stuck around.  Thanks for all you suggestions.

Removed eM Client completely including database after backup and export of Local folders.

Installed then restored backup.  Same problem - google contacts will not sync (upload new contacts) to server.  Note that restore included the accounts. Note all the accounts were previously loaded from Windows Live Mail which had Google set up as POP3 - and I had converted google account from POP3 to IMAP prior to backup!
This time I did an export of all of my local folders  (previously imported form Windows Live Mail) since I was going to have to import those only in the next step.

Removed eM Client again.

Installed but did not restore backup database!  
Added Google account IMAP.   Now contacts sync correctly!   I think the problem was that I configured Google for POP3 (perhaps with some errors) then tried to convert to IMAP prior to the backup.      A clean add to a new copy of eMClient seemed to work.

Added account IMAP - all seems to work.

Imported all my local folders - worked great!

Tried to add AOL as IMAP  cannot get it to add. with all settings per AOL or all setting per the default setup by eM Client.  Finally ran the account setup diagnostics and when failed selected 'Fix" which worked.  IMAP had to be on port 993  Use SSL/TSL on special port(legacy)

SO IN CONCLUSION.  I HAD TO DO A COMPLETE RE-INSTALL to get IMAP to upload new contacts on Google account.  Changing from a bad POP3 (inherited from Windows live client) to IMAP did not work, Restoring accounts did not work (had the problem built into the account backup).  AND  AOL does not configure correctly automatically but the “Diagnostics - FIX” option worked.
IMPORTANT: A good thing I exported my local folders so I could restore just those and not my accounts.

Now I am good to go.

All in all after some frustration getting setup correctly - eM Client is a great client.

Thanks for all the help!