Google Calendar

After the last update, it does not work correctly the synchronization with google calendar, I have identified that the first synchronization after turning on the program, works well, but the ones of later no longer work well until, and I have to re-turn and turn on Client. Is someone else going on?

I’m having this exact same problem as well

Yes there is many peeps who are having problems with EMClient synching the Google calendar after it has initially loaded, particular with recent V7 builds.

Yes, syncinc events in emc with Google Calendar is not reliable. Initial sync after adding a new account works well (download all events from Google cloud), but then, when events are moved using external tools (web calendar UI or Android apps), changes are not reflected in emc.

Sometimes it’s like some of events are synced properly in emc, but others don’t. I don’t really know the key, how it is working… One way sync (from emc to G) is working very good. The other way does NOT.

It seems to me, like even waiting for let’s say 24 hours does not reflect changes in emc. All events are moved already to further days, but in emc they are still in initial “position”.

Suprisingly, it looks like only MOVING events and DELETING causes sync problem. Adding new events seems to be working correctly.

Someone can confirm?

Yes, this problem has been discussed at length on this forum.

Syncing only affects pulling information from Google, as new events created locally are sent immediately to Google so are not affected. It appears that this is what you have experienced.

Somehow eM Client is not always able to pull new information on automatic sync. Sometimes it works flawlessly for weeks, then does nothing for a day. Manual refresh of calendars does not work to resolve this. The only way I have found that does is to untick, then re-tick next to each synced calendar. That is not a solution.

This problem does not affect everyone.

Really. Google Calendar sync is unusable in current state.

Lately, I found something, that MAY BE related to the problem. When the sync is done (but WITHOUT using Repair), events in Google Calendar seems to be NOT synced (they don’t reflect latest changes).

BUT, try for yourselves, if unchecking and checking again the calendars from the left side pane works. Because for me, it seems to be working. It looks like changes ARE downloaded to em Client, but somehow the view is not “refreshed”.

Please let me know, if simply toggling calendars refresh your changes?

This discussion is 2 years old but the problem is still there. Any other solutions in the meantime??

Just found this in another thread:
“The next release has apparently “Fixed synchronization of deleted items on Exchange, Google Contacts and Google Calendar”.”

As far as I know that only applies to syncing of deleted items. 

You will have to wait for the next release and see if it affects all syncing.

I’ve been having calendar sync issues like this ever since 7.0 came out. I heavily use the calendar because my phone is in my pocket on vibrate most days (and I usually don’t feel the vibrations when I’m sitting). I’ll wait to see what happens when version 8 comes out next year. I don’t want to have to switch from Google back to Exchange and Outlook just to get a working calendar.

Hello all,

Thank you for reporting this issue with Google Calendar/Contacts deleted entries.
It’s already been fixed and the fix version only requires the last testing before it can be released.


Russel so the next update will fix the problem where eg: if you enter a new calendar event in Google Calendar (on the web) it will then reflect / appear in emcliient without closing and reopeing emcliient ?

Russel, I’m using v8 BETA & have just noticed this problem with this version. Initial Gcal sync was great, and all events from my Google Calendar came across. But since then no changes from either my mobile calendar app (which pushes to Gcal), or Event changes made directly in Gcal have been synced to eM Client. I wonder if this problem has actually been fixed for v8?

As spoken about earlier in this thread though, deselecting then re-selecting DOES does re-sync / update the display appear correctly

This is an age-old issue with eM Client and Google Calendars. Sad that it has not been fixed in the beta.

For issues and comments related to the beta versions, please send feedback to

Thanks Gary, I’ve dropped them an email…

I was not using GCal in em Client 7.x, because there were several issues with sync, which affected reliability of this solution.

Now I’m testing v8 beta and it seems, that nothing was improved. There are still issues with sync.

One of them is how EMC is handling repetitive/recursive events. Let’s say that I have an event, which is repeated every week on Mondays. If delete previous iterations (before “today”), I don’t see them in Google Cal, I don’t see them also in Bussiness Calendar on Android. But I see past events in EMC.

Deletion of past iterations of recursive event is NOT reflected in EMC.

Since manually de-selecting / re-selecting a calendar seems to update current Events & refresh the display, why can’t a simple global tickbox be added to select / de-select ALL calendars at once?

This is only a workaround, but would greatly simplify managing this issue in the short-term…

I’m now running the latest version of BETA v8 & the gCal sync problem does finally seem to be fixed:

~ With eM Client running, gCal changes made externally show automatically within a few minutes

~ Pending gCal changes show immediately upon eM Client startup

~ Using the Refresh button will force the eM Client calendar to update immediately

So hopefully all these improvements will carry through to the production version of v8 & this issue will finally be a thing of the past…

That hasn’t been my experience. I can leave eM Client running for a few hours, but changes still don’t show up until I manually click the Refresh button. Basically, it’s in the same state as v7 (I’m running the latest build of v8).