Google calendar updates are not transferring to emClient

Google Calendar is not updating in eMClient

This is a much discussed issue, and one reason I moved my calendars from Google. Having said that, I recently added some Google Calendars, and they seem to be syncing OK. 

It has always been a mystery as some users are not affected by it. Maybe more of a mystery is that there has never been any useful explanation from eM Client Inc.  :wink:

Gary… still no change in this?  I am trying to use emClient to replace Outlook 2010 (which won’t now work with Gmail) and its a frustrating issue.

Yeah, I am also frustrated as the comment I made above about it syncing is no longer true. I again have to go to the Calendar section of eM Client and regularly untick and retick each Google Calendar. Then it syncs, but what a chore!!!

Gary… I am starting to like emClient…  my ‘trial period’ is nearly up…  is the paid version better in any way?

Using eM Client in evaluation mode is exactly the same as having a Pro License activated. i.e. fully functional. The application is exactly the same in all cases, but activating a Free License enforces a few limitations:

  1. Restricted to a maximum of 2 email accounts.
  2. Does not come with access to VIP Support directly from eM Client.
  3. There are limited translations for message text.

And of course the Free License can only be used for personal use.

Gary, thanks… and I don’t want to bug you here… but…
Point 3…  what are ‘translations for message text’?
As for support…  your is better than I get from many paid software suppliers :) 
Can you tell me…  delivery receipt and read receipts…  I can’t get that to do anything.  Does it possibly not work in evaluation mode?

One of the really cool things about eM Client is that it can detect and translate foreign languages in messages you receive. This feature is restricted when the Free License is activated.

Delivery receipts and read receipts.  >:)

Not really dependant on the sender’s email application, evaluation mode or otherwise.

Delivery receipts are completely obsolete and as far as I know most servers have the delivery receipt option disabled anyway. Did you know that you will always get an error message from your email server if your message could not be delivered? So that is like a reverse receipt; assume it has been delivered unless you hear otherwise.

Read receipts are completely dependant on the receiver acknowledging the request. I always turn that off so that I do not even see read receipts requests. Send me a 1000 emails requesting a read receipt. I will read them all but you will never get a receipt from me.