Google calendar Sync doesn't happen often enough

I’m using emclient with google calendar.
My problem is, that the syncing doesn’t happen often enough.
On my pc, emclient is always running in the backround and should show me popups for appointments.
I’m using some calendars on which multiple persons are allowed to change appointments.
I need emclient to sync the calendars at least every 5 minutes.
I would like to have a preference/setting where i can define how often emclient should sync with the online state of the google calendars

Hi Olaf,
all synchronization is configured in Tools>Settings>General>General under synchronization. If you have the option to ‘Synchronize every X minutes’ checked, then that is your time interval for synchronizing everything in your account. You can make the time period shorter if you need.


Hi there

 I have similar issue, but that option ‘Synchronize every X minutes’ is checked in my eM client. According

to activities history log, only one calendar is automatically synced.

Any suggestions?


Jan Skoda

Hello Jan,
are there any error messages in Tools>Operations> Error or Log window when you try to synchronize?


Dear Olivia,

It seems, that calendars are synchronized only when eM client is in calendar mode. Otherwise Agenda window is not being actualized. No errors occurred, settings for automatic is checked and set to every 10 minutes. When I change view from Mail to Calendar, I see process circle in calendars list and new apointment appears in calendar.


Jan Škoda