Google Calendar Sync DOES NOT WORK.

Getting really frustrated with your product. Just about to the point of returning to Outlook. Database now running for the 6th time this weekend after an unexpected shutdown. Calendar Syncing is a joke (doesn’t work). Every instruction I follow to fix things causes a lockup or shutdown and then I have to wait 40 minutes for the database check to move forward.

we are sorry to hear that. Can you please paste here the complete text of error message (if you get some) at the unexpected shutdown?

I am able to import all events from Google Calendar, it seems, but no upsync occurs. No events added to the emclient calendar ever appear on the Google Calendar.

Further, on Windows 7, at least, emclient fails on MAPI call unless it is already open. If it is closed and MAPI is called, a new message starts to open and then freezes, and emclient force-closes without going further.

Last, tried to import messages/accounts from Thunderbird all at once, but it reports an error and won’t complete. So, tried to import one account at a time, and it reports success but imports only contacts and no messages.

So, for now, sticking with Thunderbird. Unfortunately, it requires add-ons to sync calendars and contacts with Google - but at least once these are on board, they WORK.

I am, it should be said, impressed with the complete, granular, and flexible way in which contacts are synced. If the other issues are resolved, I would favor emclient over Thunderbird.

Update: I discovered that the calendar view choices in the left sidebar are deceptive. Unchecking the “local folders” calendar does not cause it to not appear - in fact one is IN this calendar (containing the synced Google events) unless one consciously selects the Google calendar above it. If one selects THAT calendar and adds the event to IT, then it DOES sync to Google. One defect down, two to go.

Can you sync multiple calendars with the add-ons?

Not to my knowledge - but I only need one to sync, so that is not an issue for me.

the MAPI problem will be fixed to one of the next updates. Thanks for your note.
Regarding Thunderbird issue problem, please, send me email to .

The update with MAPI fix is available at… .