Google Calendar - selection

How can I select which google calendar to show? I have Multiple calendars under single gmail acc, but Emclient doesnt let me choose which calendars will be shown or hidden.

Now it shows only my primary calendar, others dont.

Thank you.

eM Client doesn’t support automatic detection of multiple calendars on gmail. You have to add other calendars manually.
For more information read…
section Configuring non default Gmail calendars.


Milos Kovalcik.

Adding other calendars is without offense far from user friendly. Inserting (copy/paste) ICAL adress would be much better.

You can also add short information into CalDAV settings window, that is possible to add more calendars and HOW… or just simply link to help page.

Oh my… Limit to 2 acc in free version refers to calendars too :frowning:

But thank you, calendar added and working :slight_smile:

You are right but we don’t plan to improve this because we plan automatic detection for multiple calednars on gmail.


Milos Kovalcik.