Google Calendar - Problem with Repeated Appointments

I use Google Calendar and I have several appointments that are part of a series (repeat appointment). Basically, I create a template appointment and repeat this over several months. Then I modify each individual appointment with minor specific changes. Each time I do this it breaks the chain, making that appointment no longer part of the chain. This is the expected behaviour.

Most of the time this works fine with em Client. However, I’ve noticed that if I edit one of the series appointments directly in Google Calendar via my web browser, breaking the chain of appointments, then these changes don’t get picked up in em Client. When I open the particular dated entry that I edited, it still shows the original series. If I edit one of the repeated appointments using em Client, all works fine. Is this a known problem?

So this whole discussion is going on about syncing with Google Calendar. Updates or changes made in eM Client are automatically made to Google Calendar. However, updates or changes made to Google Calendar are not seen in eM Client unless the client is restarted.

If you restart eM Client, are the events now matching Google Calendar?

Yes, I know that eM Client has to be restarted - I often get caught out by that one. I’ve done some further testing and I think my problems seem to relate to sharing calendars. When I add things to my own calendar using my web browser, everything seems OK. However, if I add something to someone else’s calendar then I have write access to and share in my own group of calendars, that’s when things start to get tricky. I notice that trying to get eM Client to recognise those changes seems problematic. 

For example, I created an event in someone else’s calendar and it took several attempts to get it to show up on eM Client, whereas on my iPhone it showed up straight away. Also, I then made a change to that entry using my browser, and I still can’t get that change reflected on eM Client, even though I’ve restarted it several times. Very frustrating. 

So I’m guessing these problems are somehow linked.