Google Calendar Names

New user question.

I have two google calendars set up eMC. One of them appears as and the other as Calendar. Can I change he names to somthing more appropriate?



Menu —> Accounts —> Select any account —> General —> and change its name (in “Account Name”).

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Thanks for that. It changes the name of the email account but the name on the calendar is stil “Calendar”.

I have a principal email account and two gmail accounts.

I have been looking at my gmail setup. My main gmail account is ALAN@gmail. I have a second gmail account called SECOND@gmail (used for a shared calendar only). I can’t remember how I set it up but I have the SECOND calendar connected to the ALAN account. Now in eMC I can see my principal email account, my ALAN email and the ALAN and SECOND calendars.

I can change the ALAN email account name. I can “rename” the SECOND calendar but the ALAN calendar is called CALENDAR and I can’t see how to change it.

Any ideas?



You can change the account name (1) in your account settings as @Son-of-A-Gun said, but the base calendar name (2) is fixed in Google Calendar. It can’t be changed.


My calendar looks list looks like this:


I can right-click both the Holidays in UK and SECOND gmail calendars and select option Rename…. But there is no such option for Calendar.

Hey ho. Not the end of the world.

Thanks for the help


Yes, because the base calendar (the red one in your screenshot) is a system folder provided by Google. It cannot be changed.

The other two you have created yourself.

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Same issue here, already asked about it here earlier (no answer though). I’ve been trying to get an answer about this via support (been mailing a LOT with them, last 5 months), but your explanation here is the first thing I hear that makes any sense.

One thing I still don’t get though: if this is now standard behavior from Google/Gmail, why is it then that I don’t have this issue with the same account in my Android phone and tablets? Still seeing the name I’ve had for years there in my calendar apps (and what used to be like that in eM Client)…


we still use EmClient v6/7 instead of v8 exactly because of this problem. It is not a bug but just a feature I am missing a lot since it has been available in version 6. You can try if by yourself and see.

It was also possible to change the name.

If you use the google API you can simply add a wrapper field that lets the user change just that one field. The other calendars that we have integrated (8 in total btw) can be changed.


Edit: I just logged into my google calendar account and they added the name so it is just EmClient that does not show it correctly.

Are you saying you could rename the Google “Calendar” name to whatever you like in eM Client V6 ? If so can you do a screenshot example of that where you changed it.