Google Calendar Events Lost with Update (Version 5.0.17263.0)

I updated to the latest version of eM Client today (version 5.0.17263.0). When I did so, I lost all Google Calendar appointments and I don’t see any way in which to import them from Gmail to eM Client. I can only create new agenda items–all previous items are gone within the application. I tried the “Refresh” option, but it does nothing. I also tried exiting and restarting the application, but that doesn’t work either. This is the first time that I have become VERY frustrated with eM Client. Please either create a fix for this problem or tell me what I can do to get eM Client to import the Google calendar.

This has become a FAQ. Right-click on the account name in the calendar view, then Properties, then Repair. It will re-synch from the server.

Thank you :wink: