google calendar errors

icalendar error when using google calendar.

I get the icalendar component error from time time. i dont know what changed but in the past, i dont have this error. i only started getting this error last month or 2 months ago.


can you tell me what exactly is in that error? And can you update eM Clien to newest version if you do not have it?


thanks john for your quick response. I am actually using 5.0. I also tried using the beta of 6.0 but the same problem persist - my google calendar does not sync or sometimes it syncs partially and then i get an error.

Basically the error notice goes:

“Synchronizin folder ‘email address’ failed with an error: iCalendar component property not valid (“X-MS-OLK-SENDER;CN=”).”


and do you get synchronized everything or some events are missing? If you have synchronized everything then you can just turn off showing error messages in Tools - Settings - General - General.

If not then does that error message shows what events caused this issue or is it possible for you to reproduce this issue by will?


not all events are synchronized. some events gets synchronized others dont. Also, noticed that when on calendar view, events suddenyl disappear then reapper but still incomplete (not all events) then the error warning will appear.

The error is actually constant. as soon as i turn on emclient after a few minutes i get the error. The error also appear every few minutes, which in addition to issues with calendars is also annoying.

I dont know what changed because for over i year i have been using em client and i dont have any problems with calendar. Same account same em client version.

BTW, i tried the beta of ver 6 and the same problem appears.

in this case I will need your GData logs, go to tools - settings - advanced, check GData under your account, apply and restart eM Client.

Simulate steps that leads to your issue and after that send logs… to [email protected] together with this topic’s URL in subject.

then you can turn logging off.


Hi John,

I just sent you the log files. will await further advise on the error.

thank you for your assistance.

Logs sent to developer :slight_smile:

any updates from developer??

So far not, fix might be implemented into next patch. Developers usually respond only when they need more information.
In most times when they do not need to know more they just repair issue and it is released with next version or they do not know solution yet, but they don’t need any more info so they don’t respond at all.

From my side, each time I get response from developers I forward it to user instantly.