Google Calendar Error Message

Whenever I start the programme, I get a box titles ‘Operations’ and the following error message which so far I have been unable to get rid of:
 Uploading item(s) to folder  ‘ Calendar /’ failed due to the foolowing error:  The owner of the calendar must either be the organizer or an attendee of an event that is imported.
I am the sole user as a retired person ’

One option is to remove your Google Calendar account, and then add it again and see if the problem persists. If you setup the account in eM Client using Automatic Setup, it will be one account for email, contacts and calendar. So just remove that and add it again. If you setup the calendar separately, just remove and re-add that account.

Another option, which is not a fix for the underlying problem, but if you turn off the notifications, you will not be bothered by them. :slight_smile:

Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Operations Window. Untick Show window when an error occurs.

Very helpful - just unticked.  Why on earth did I not do that?


Yeah, not really a fix, but at least you won’t know anything is wrong. :slight_smile:

The problem with this is that other errors will also not be seen. :frowning: