Google Calendar doesn ́t sync properly

Hey there,

unfortunately it seems like the eM client calendar with google calendar doesn ́t work properly. From time to time new entries that are deleted directly on the google website are still persistenst in the eM client. It tried the repair function on the particular calendar, but this doesn ́t work all the time.

I installed this today and i have the same problem as described. Apologies, but this is a critical bug for me that I will not be able to use the product until resolved. 

I’m seeing this as well. The calendar doesn’t update with the refresh button. Instead, I have to turn each calendar off and then back on in order to get it to sync properly.

Exactly what i meant!

Please be so kind and adress this issue within the next updates, google calendar is urgent for my job and i would love to stick do eM!

Refresh did not work for me so I tried the repair function and then I had NO entries in eM Client, but they were still there in google.

They did come back only after creating a new entry in eM Client, then turning the calendar off and on again. Not acceptable.

Very Strange.  I use Gmail and see no issues with calendar sync.  It works just as it should.2-way synchronization seems to work perfectly.

This is kind of off the wall, but I had to change the sync intervals to 30 minutes because I was getting the Gmail calendar maximum for requests in a day and syncing would stop. Have you seen any error messages to this effect?

Thanks for your advice, i ́ll try it!

Apologies, but this isn’t a sufficient workaround for me. I work as a service tech and a LOT can happen to my calendar in 30min, LOL. :slight_smile:

Also,  based on the below link, Google allows 1,000,000 queries per day. I couldn’t be accurate on my daily count but I would hope it’s below 1 million. :slight_smile:

Must be missing something because I cannot see where to change the sync frequency.

I Think it’s less than 1 Million for calendars
That being said, I have hit it and I was temporarily restricted.  I was one of the first users to get the 7.1 version that synced shared calendars automatically and I was warned about it then.

Besides, even with a 30 minutes sync, you can always sync manually.  Also, the 30 minutes was arbitrary on my part.  Just used it cause I knew it was safe.

The setting is menu/tools/settings/general and under the synchronization section.  It is technically for everything, but since IMAP is push, it has no impact on email.

By the way, for your information, this is how the Gmail calendar synchronization works:

“The shared calendars require at least 15 minutes intervals before the next synchronization, unless the Refresh button is manually pressed. This is due to the limits on access to Google calendar from external applications. The synchronization is now triggered a) by opening the calendar b) by the global synchronization. If the interval of the global synchronization is 10 minutes (the default) and it’s just been synchronized, it will skip the first global synchronization (not 15 minutes have yet passed) and synchronize on the second one.”

Thanks Jay. Must have looked a dozen times and not seen the setting.

I use POP so rely on that setting to fetch my mail. Changing to 30 would slow down my email. Would be nice if the sync settings could be set individually per account, and hate to say it, but as it can be done in TB.

Again, I’m not sure 30 minutes is the correct number, but certainly a safe one.  I was using 1 minute, so maybe 5 minutes is good.

So from your quote about times requiring 15 minutes, am I to understand then that it does not really matter what sync frequency you choose below 15 minutes. The calendar will skip syncing until a minimum of 15 minutes has passed?

Gary-- it’s been a while since I tested this, but yes, I believe the 15 minutes is the minimum.  One think to note is that changes made on eM Client seem to push immediately to the server.  It is only changes FROM shared calendars that causes the delay.

Thanks Jay.

So I have set my sync time to 15 minutes. Unfortunately that doesn’t fix the issue. I’m seeing this as soon as I open emClient (I don’t always have it open, so I open it to view my calendar). I still have to turn off each calendar one-by-one and then turn them back on in order to get my calendar to sync (I tested it this morning).

The calendar sync problem is a BIG issue for me. Turning them off and then back on again is not a solution I want to use every few minutes. I even set the sync time to 30 minutes, and thought I could live with that if it worked. But no luck.

Wondering if I should downgrade to 7.1.30508.

I am surprised that there has been no comment from eM Client staff on this.

Has anyone put a pro support ticket in on this?  I would, but I’m not seeing the problem.