Google Calendar Does Not Sync After Latest Upgrade


I just upgraded to latest version on your email client and my calendar events are not showing. It allows me to add new events that sync, but everything I had previously set-up is not coming over from Google. I did not update/change any settings after upgrading and it had been working fine in the previous version.

Thanks for any help you can provide!! - eb

Right click on the calendar folder and click Repair button in its properties. If it won’t help, send us your GData logs.

Hi I had exactly the same problem and the repair option worked fine for me thanks heaps

I have exactly the same problem. Holidays are appearing but none of my previous calendar events. Repair does not help.

After several tries, repair did finally solve the problem.

Similar issue. After upgrade, none of the edits made through Google calendar interface will update in emclient. Refreshing does nothing. As if the button doesn’t work at all. Repair did nothing, same with Refresh - as if the button didn’t work at all. I am trying to delete and re-add the account however, the app has hung up during the delete process and won’t respond at all. I am waiting to see if something changes.

Big gripes - no indication at all from the app if it is actually doing something or if it is hung up. Some indicator of some variety would be nice - spinning wheel, hour glass, progress bar, something. Right now there is now way to tell if the app is responding or hung up - beside randomly clicking on things to see if it will do something.


The repair button didn’t fix this problem for me. What are GData logs, and where should I send them?

Does the problem persist? If so, send us please your GData log so we can analyze it. Thank you.

Problem does not persist, but I had to completely remove 2 of the three accounts and re-add them to get it to work. This was done repeatedly before it took, but it did eventually take. Definitely not user friendly.

Another question - sending teh GData log? Would that send all my data as well? I’m not certain of what is contained in the GData log. But I definitely would not want to send my data.

It captures all the data which are synchronized from/to the server but I can assure you that all your privacy is preserved.