Google Calendar and Contacts sync very wonky

Sync failed three times this morning. I updated to the latest release in the hopes that would fix it.
I have deleted the Google account, exited and restarted eM Client, and installed Google account again. Recognizes all my calendars but they are empty until I un-check and then recheck each one. It seems subfolders are not being included in the calendar sync?

main calendars sync in synchronization intervals every 15 minutes but subfolder calendars are indeed synchronized only when accessed.
This is the way the Calendar sync is currently programmed. If you beleve a change to this would be beneficial, I suggest posting an Idea thread about this so the Developers can consider it as a Feature request and improve the behaviour in future updates.
I’m sorry for any caused inconvenience.


I may have described them incorrectly. I need a clarification of the difference between a main calendar and sub. I subscribe to many different Google calendars. They are all listed directly below my personal calendar, not actually in a lower folder structure. Are these considered main calendars?