google auth javascript error false, resolved

When authenticating a google account, the process went smooth, enter password, enter code from phone

But finish  went back to the logon… and logon went to a javascript is disabled page.

Javascript was enabled, obviously it would not have gone through the first time if it wasn’t.
This can be easily checked here:

Google said that Em Client had been added 19 minutes ago.

So I exited eM Client completely, opened it again, and checked my mail, and it was working.

Great google may be protecting our privacy, maybe hording our privacy for it’s own ends, but certainly google is stealing our time.   Hail google.

Hello Charles, what version of Internet Explorer are you currently running on your computer, can you please check the exact release number or make a screenshot of the About application window in IE? Make sure you’re running the latest available for your operating system… What operating system are you using eM Client on?