google auth form is not working

I’m using corporate account that provided by my employer. This account managed by  google.I’m trying to setup mail/calendar accounts. After entering data to google login form and clicking to “enter” nothing happens. No Any errors. Next button is disabled

Hello Mikhail, this is the correct behaviour, when authenticating with the Google server, you have to login using this form, another page should be loaded in the OAuth window allowing you to grant permission for the application. Are you unable to pass onto this page by clicking Login/Sign in?

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?


“another page” isn’t  loaded anywhere. I can’t see any questions about Grants. No any popups or new windows.
Please note that I able to add my personal gmail account and after clicking to “Enter” button I can see grant page in the same window and I can continue setup.
I have problems only with my corporate account.

Windows 10

same here. can not add an cooperated Account. I also use Win 10 pro. Support Ticket is pending :frowning:

I’ve found a workaround. 

enter username and password to window

click Enter

click “change account” link

select your account again

You should see “Grant” page and you can continue setup.