Google asks me for my password every time

During last days each time I open eM Client Google asks me in a pop up box for my
password at least once, and sometimes more times. It is annoying and I don’t know
how to stop it. Before it happened only if I had changed my Google password.
I have checked and I have the correct settings for IMAP:
For Port 993 the security policy should be set to Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
For Port 143 it should be Use SSL/TLS if available
What can I do to solve this problem?  

Seems eM Client is having issues with Google.

Not sure if it will help, but if this issue began after updating eM Client, then you may want to uninstall it and download 7.2.35595 from the Release History.

Thank you, but I haven’t updated my eM Client, I have an old version: 6.0.24985.0, I updated it to a newer version a couple years ago, but I didn’t like the new one and I got back the older version. Have you any idea of what can I do?

Sorry RL, no idea. This may have something to do with the current issues with Google, but I know there was one user last week who solved the issue by upgrading to a 7.x version. Maybe coincidence, not sure.

It has become worst and worst and finally I could’t use my old version 6.0.24985.0 at all: I wrote the password and then it was impossible to confirm it because the option “Allow” eM Client to access my Google account was inactivated. After that I decided to update to the last version and it has become really awful: the messages are in disarray in incorrect maps. Moreover I would like to have separated all the conversations as before, now they are in group. I don’t like it. Can’t I select the old view? or how can I regret this version and get back the older one, which was much better? How can I uninstall it?

One thing you can try it to edit your Google settings and remove eM Client from the authorized apps. The next time eM Client connects it will initiate the Oauth setup and that should fix it.

Not sure what maps you are referring to, but you can disable conversations in Menu > View > Conversations.

And yes, you can revert to version 6 if that was better for you. Simply uninstall version 7, then download version 6 from the Release History. When you imported the database from 6 to 7, if you did not select to delete the old data it will still be there.