Google Apps for Business directory not visible

How can I use the directory of my company’s Google Apps for Business account? The folder “Directory” doesn’t contain anything. When I open the directory in Chrome it states “Verzeichnis” instead of “Directory” because we are german and the language of the contacts is set to german by a Google Apps for Business policy. When I edit the URL in Chrome and replace “Verzeichnis” with “Directory” it redirects automatically back to the URL containing “Verzeichnis”.

I’m evaluating eM Client to use it not only for private purposes and therefore I need access to our Google Apps for Business company directory.

Hi Manuel, sorry for my belated reply, unfortunately Google API’s support for this feature is in decline. The feature unfortunately can not be supported using the current API as the directory is only available for the account administrators, due to this setting, other users won’t be able to synchronize the directory with eM Client.

We’re looking into current options and we’re hoping we can improve this in future releases when the API support improves.