GoDaddy Pop-up Windows "Server Says Unauthorized"

Hi, I cannot use my eM Client because for the past 2 days I get a message “Server Says Unauthorized” every few seconds. I checked my password on GoDaddy webmail and it works well. I tried the solutions suggested about 8 years ago on this forum but they do not work for me. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Are you using eMC v8.2.1509?

I have the most current version - I do not know where to check the version number but when I click on Check updates, it says 'this is the current version"


@BorVitnev Is this a GoDaddy Exchange acct ?

1473, not 1509, but the programme says no update is available


Update from here

1509 addresses something to do with GoDaddy, so worth a try

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thanks very much, but, unfortunately, it has not fixed the problem. Not sure if there are any official company developers who are on this forum or not…

You can sign up for paid support… this allows you to use the support ticket system