GoDaddy Calendar

I have a GoDaddy email account with a calendar attached to it. When I use the auto setup to add my account to em client, it recognized the email and the calendar. However, after setup, it constantly gives me an error about not being able to connect to the calendar. It never makes initial contact to download the calendar folders or anything. The strange thing is that I can set up a separate calendar only account within em client using the exact same URL and credentials and everything works fine. It is only if I am trying to set up the email and calendar under the same account that I run into trouble. I saw a post of someone else having this problem from about a year ago. He stuck with the separate calendar account, but this is not optimal in my situation. I would like the email and calendar in the same em client account so the identities are linked. Thanks.

Hello Brian,
can you copy these error messages and the content of the Log from Tools>Operations> Log window?


I’m having the exact issue mentioned in the original post.  Why hasn’t a solution been posted?

I have the same issue - saying [CALDAV/CARD Dav] subfolder synchronization for folder “new” failed due to the following error: method not allowed