Go To Today not working in Agenda view

I am using eM client 9.1.2109 on Windows 11. In my Calendar settings I have “Go To Today” checked. That options seems to be working on every calendar view except the Agenda view, which is sadly my preferred view. What I see at the top is the “older” section, which seems to have a bunch of my indefinitely repeating events. If I collapse that section I can see there is a Today section and I can scroll down to it. But if I have “Go To Today” set, I would want to open the Agenda View and see the Today section at the top of the screen where it is visible. If I want to see older stuff I don’t mind scrolling up. Clicking “Hide past” does not seem to help.

Calvin Powers

I have the same issue. I would like the Agenda view to show my today list first, followed by subsequent days.
Robert Simpson

The default view for the Agenda is to display the events and tasks in chronological order. By default past events are hidden, so it should start at today anyway. Maybe you have the Hide Past button toggled so it is show past items. Click on that and today’s should be at the top of the list.