Go Daddy Email Errors

Hi, I’ve been using EM Client for more than a year now. I run multiple emails including gmail and an email hosted thru a different hosting company. I have had no issues this entire time. I moved my email over to Go Daddy and now I constantly get errors. Here are the errors I am getting:

  1. I get the red triangle with the exclamation point next to the account. I click on it and it goes away, but nothing else happens.
  2. I get pop up windows saying there is an IMAP issue and my access is unauthorized (yet the same password and username settings work on iPhone and iPad)
  3. I see a green bar at the lower right showing like an email is downloading, but it never finishes.
  4. I get a gray box with … next to my inbox that rarely goes away.
  5. Emails only download from time to time. Currently I have 5 new emails that I can see on my phone, but are not showing up in EM Client.

I disabled the calendar function for the go daddy account.

I love your software, but this is maddening since I am trying to run a business! Please help! Thanks!


I am sorry for delayed answer.

I will need your IMAP logs, Tools - Settings - Advanced, check IMAP under your account that causes these problems, apply and restart eM Client.

Follow same steps that leads to your issue and after it send logs… to galis@emclient.com

together with this topic’s URL: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…

after this you can turn logging off.