Gmail with two-step verification does not work with emClient

Today Gmail enabled two-step verification and I find no way to get my mail, except by turning two-step off. Is there a way to enable it with emClient?

eM Client V8 recent Recent versions do work perfectly with Gmail 2 step for PC & Mac and you don’t need to do anything in EMC settings.

So first thing check that you are using the latest version of eM Client for your OS.

Make sure you are using the “automatic mail setup wizard” when you setup Gmail in eM Client.

Also when you use the automatic mail setup wizard, partway through near the end “your browser” will open and you need to click “allow” on the “Google message” that appears to authorise eM Client access to your Gmail etc.

Note - If the browser “doesn’t come forward” to ask for Google authorisation, click down on your task bar or dockbar & manually open your browser and you should then see the Google allow popup message.

Thanks Cyberzork - I am on 8.2.1659 (845a639) which I think is the latest, using the link you provide. Gmail is set up (has been for long time) so do I have to re-create that account somehow? Or is there a way to update it?

Yes V8.2.1659 is currently the latest eM Client version for Windows so that’s fine. You normally just update eM Client via “Menu / Check for update” or whenever eM Client asks to update automatically.

so do I have to re-create that account somehow

If you are now receiving email ok since removing and re-adding your Gmail account, then all good :slightly_smiling_face:.

However if you “are still not receiving email” and “haven’t removed your Gmail account” yet, click “Menu / Accounts” . Then click on your “Gmail account” and click “Delete” at the top. Lastly click “Add Account” at the top and enter your Gmail account details via the “Automatic mail wizard”.

Note:- As per my prev message, backup first via “Menu / Backup” if you havent already.