Gmail terminating 3rd Party Apps May 30th, 2022

I am just checking to ensure that EM Client either is or will be compliant with Gmail requirements for the upcoming May 30th deadline for 3rd Party App accessibility?? Will eM Client be compliant?? Thanks.

There are other threads/discussions on this. A quick search or scan of recent topics should reveal items of interest.

I had already done some searching through the support database and could not find an appropriate thread / answer. Given you reply, I just searched again with multiple different search criteria and still do not see a message thread for this. If you know the answer, would you mind sharing or share with me the appropriate search words, because ones I am using are not working (Gmail, 3rd party, discontinue, etc)

Thanks in advance.

Ignore my last message, in scrolling through recent, instead of trying to use the search word method, I was able to find a similar thread with an answer.

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Yes eM Client is already compliant with the upcoming Gmail 3rd party requirement.

For anyone interested, I found the answer in another thread and it appears that unless you are using an old IMAP access configuration for your Gmail, the current eM Client Gmail connection methodology should continue to work without issue.

Thanks for your reply, I just found the answer about the same time as you were responding, but I very much appreciate you taking the time do so.

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Here is also the latest eM Client blog on the subject and how to check if you are using the old Google Less secure manual login option, or the new Google OAuth automatic login option and how to change.

Google ‘less secure apps’ access and what it means for eM Client | eM Client