GMail tasks not synching

Completed tasks in Gmail are showing up in em client as not completed.

Did you try to click the “Refresh” button? If the problem still persists, please send me the problematic event saved as .ics. Thank you.

Yes, I tried refresh many times. I don’t understand “send me the problematic event saved as .ics”

I get some wierd letters MTQxMTg3N… etc… for the tasks tab. Everything else works perfectly. while trying to sync to my google account.

Sorry, my mistake - I meant the task of course. Right click on the task in eM Client and choose Save as. Then send the file directly to me at [email protected] Thank you.

Can you post here a screenshot? Thanks.

I was able to resolve the issue by reinstalling em Client. I was initially using another app just for tasks(gTasks HD ). I removed that app, got rid of the permissions for it in google mail settings, and reinstalled em Client: works well now.