Gmail Synchronisation - Size-Limit Bug

i got a clear Message about the problem,
I expectet, i can simply “Abort Sync of this huge Mail” but
i got zero offers, to solve this problem.

This PopUp comes over and over again, each synchronisation.

Here is my WorkAround to pass the sync

  1. Backup the big sized Mail
  2. Now you can click the first link in the popup, to edit the Mail in sync, to get it under the size limit
  3. sync should go through and now you can delete the synced mail and archive the original offline.

edit: workaround

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Clearly this specific email size (53,7 MB) exceeds your server limit (34 MB). Could you get rid of this email, either by deleting it in eMC or in your Google’S web interface or by archiving it?

i´ve clicked the first link in the popup/error message and edited the mail in sync.
further steps as wrote // i’ve edited my post before

As a user,
i want to “Cancel” a sync, if there is a problem with the sync.
because i love it “easy” :slight_smile: