Gmail sync no longer working

For a couple of days my Gmail sync is mostly not working. The status bar says "Syncronising folder " but it never completes. From time to time when I start the application it works ok, but then doesn’t again.
I’m on the latest eM Client version 7.2.37929.0.
I’ve tried:

  • Right click on All Mail > Repair. Now folder is empty
  • Disable anti-virus. I thought this worked as I got a sync immediately afterwards, but then on restarting the application with AV still disabled it goes back to not completing
  • Computer reboot
  • Removing gmail account and re-adding it
Would appreciate any thoughts anyone has before I end up moving my email to another client.

There are quite a few never version 7 release since that one. Maybe download the latest one from the Release History and see if there is any difference.

Hmm that’s weird because checking for updates didn’t report any updates available. 

So, further update, I’ve uninstalled the client and reinstalled, and it was working ok for a day. I’m now on 7.2.38732.0. As I say, it worked fine for a day but is now broken again. This is really not pleasant. 

I have the same problem

So I downloaded the new version from the site and it still did not work. So I downloaded version 8 and it still doesn’t work

There were a couple of new beta versions released today. Maybe download the latest and see if there is any difference.

 I also get constant sync issues with multiple accounts, both Gmail and Outlook/Live accounts. I’ve upgraded but still constant issues with it. This has been going on for a couple of months now and it’s starting to get rather annoying. I tried to “upgrade” to beta 8, which was more like downgrade… It still has sync issues with no option to repair the sync. Yikes. Support has not replied to my tickets in weeks.

The option to repair is there in the beta versions. For your Gmail account, right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair. For other providers, right-click on the Inbox, or whatever folder is not syncing.

For issues with the beta versions, please send an email to They will reply quite quickly. Last weekend I even received replies throughout the weekend.

But it also seems there are a lot of issues recently with Gmail. Don’t use it myself, so have not experienced this, but I have seen quite a few posts recently. Maybe increase the priority of your ticket, and they should respond. Don’t forget, they are closed on the weekends.

I’ve now upgraded to the latest beta and the issue remains. It must be an IMAP issue over at Google. Surely?

when I clicked Repair nothing happened

And this was a repair on the All Mail folder?

I have 1 e-mail account and I did it on inbox

For Gmail or Gsuite accounts you need to do the repair on the All Mail folder. Not the Inbox.

now I have nothing, because I cleaned old registers and new ones do not download, so I do not have how to set it … everything is downloaded except e-mail … I checked in G DATA settings, installed certificates. Still nothing happens

So it seems the cause of the problem is G DATA antivirus. I will contact them for support and report back. 

I’ve been in touch with G DATA support and the issue is at their end and they are working on a fix. In the meantime you can disable the Email Check feature and it should work ok. 

We found a problem. It results from a G DATA error. After disabling Antivirus, the messages were downloaded