Gmail Spam

Like everyone who uses Gmail, I have a spam folder that Gmail automatically shifts suspected spam into, and I like to periodically review the contents of that folder in case real email got there by mistake. In Outlook I can see that folder. In EM Client I cannot. Anyone know how I can make that folder accessible in EM Client?

I think it is the Junk E-mail folder that has all the spam stuff, synced with gmail spam folder

It does not. That folder is staying blank.

Wait for a few moments.  it syncs on the fly.  the spam mail should show uo

I just tried and gave it three full minutes. It does not sync. (And yes, there are items in that folder in Gmail.)

In your email settings in Gmail (labels) is your Junk Email Folder checked for “Show in IMAP”

That had not occurred to me. I have adjusted the settings, will see when the next spam comes in. Thanks for the tip.