Gmail Recent Mode doesn't work

As others have commented, Gmail’s default pop3 behaviour is to ignore messages that have been downloaded elsewhere when it provides the LIST, even if the messages are on the server.
The long-standard workaround for mail clients is to add ‘recent:’ before the username so becomes Google calls this recent mode POP3.

The problem is emclient won’t let the username include a colon.

Any workarounds/timelines for fixes?

Hi @Seb_M,
I use this configuration for my Gmail account on eM Client and it works okay for me. The automatic Setup tool on eM Client always assumes you want IMAP so you need to manually configure the account. I clicked on Mail / Other and then entered my Gmail details from there.




POP3 is no longer supported with Gmail. Please add your account again using the automatic setup in Menu > Accounts, which will configure it with IMAP and oAuth. Then move your messages from the POP3 folders to the new IMAP ones, and remove the POP3 account.

Full instructions are here: Google ‘less secure apps’ access and what it means for eM Client | eM Client

Hi Robin - thanks but this config no longer works. You can’t have a colon in your email address. Not sure if that’s an OAuth restriction or an emClient restriction. Gary - I really don’t want to have all those emails on a server. Is there any way to get back support for Pop3: at the gmail end app passwords appear to still work if configured properly in Gmail? OR can you allow support for recent mode with OAth with recent: in email addresses? I suspect all you need to do is allow the recent: code to be put in the email (take off the validation rule) and then allow the Oauth no?