Gmail password authorisation window

I’ve had to reinstall Vista SP2 on my wife’s (elderly) laptop and have re-installed emclient. Her gmail account uses 2-step verification, and in the past I have used app-specific passwords for her emclient logon. Now however, emclient is popping up a browser window titled “Password required for Gmail” requesting a logon to her google account (which works fine) but then displaying the google authorisation page describing the permissions being granted to emclient and with a button to press to accept. The problem is that this page is not displaying correctly and the accept button is greyed out and not working, so I can’t get any further.

By signing out of her account, I have seen an error message suggesting that the problem is due to javascript not being enabled in the browser. But I can’t figure out what browser is being used, and all the browsers on the system have javascript enabled.  

Suggestions please?

Hello Nigel, eM Client is currently running on some of the Internet Explorer components, make sure Javascript is enabled in IE in order to allow this option to work properly, go to and make sure it’s enabled for IE or to find instructions on how to enable the option for the browser.


Hi Paul

Thanks for the response. I had enabled Javascript in IE, and the site you suggest confirms that it is enabled and working OK. Yet I still get a javascript error message while trying to grant emclient access to my google account. So there’s something else that is getting in the way. On Vista, the latest version is IE9. 

Anyway, in a fit of exasperation, I went out and bought a new desktop machine, under Win 8.1 and soon to be 10, so the problem has gone away!

Thanks for your help. 

Regards - Nigel

Hello Nigel, glad you were able to resolve the problem, I’m glad it works, unfortunately there’s no other workaround to this issue other than activating javascript scripting on your computer (IE), as the browser window used by the application for authenticating with google accounts a system component used from IE, thus all IE settings are applied to it.

Please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.