Gmail on eM client

I need help with importing my Gmail, can you stop the junk social and promotions files all coming to the inbox? HELP Please

Assuming you use IMAP, there is no need to import Gmail data as it will synchronize when you setup the account.  This goes for email, contacts, calendars and tasks.

As far as the ads, I assume you don’t mean eM Client generated messages.  They send one welcome message (as do most email clients) when you install the product.  If it is just random junk mail, eM Client does not have a spam filter per se, but does allow you to blacklist specific email addresses and domains.  Generally, I find that Gmail does a pretty good job of spam detection on its own.

If you need more assistance, please let us know.


I have checked IMAP enabled, question was more on all the spam junk emails and the like. Agreed Gmail does well at setting all of these to one side so I have never cancelled any in the past and now there are obviously 100’s of unwanted senders

Thank you for the reply


Did you get the eM Client install program from the eM Client website?  was the file setup.exe?  If you got it from a third party, there is a possibility it contained malware, which could be causing your issues.

I would not worry about emails in the Spam folder. Obviously GMail is doing a good job of putting them there, so just ignore them. They will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

Be a little careful about unsubscribing or replying to emails in the Spam folder. Unless it is something you personally subscribed to in the past, just ignore it. Spammers often send out email to verify if an address is in use. If you click on anything, all you are doing is letting them know your address is in use, and now available for tons more spam from them and whoever they sell their lists to.

Understood, question was more that when if I use eM client EVERYTHING goes to the inbox so it’s hard to sort out junk v’s what you need to read

Thank you if can help



It was from the eM website yes

It should not be like that. eM Client respects the folders in GMail, so whatever is in the Spam folder on GMail, should be in the Junk folder in eM Client.

I thought it should, have uninstalled and tried few times but the same again.

No problem


Maybe Jay will have some further advice.

eM Client (assuming you use IMAP) simply synchronizes with the Gmail server, so what the structure is on the server is exactly what you should see on the client.  There is no reason you should have junk in your inbox on eM Client when it goes to junk on the Gmail server.