Gmail multible SMPT accounts integration

The Gmail synchronization is lacking the ability to send mails from included external smtp adresses of a single gmail account.

I would love to see this function and it would be my personal reason to buy a license


can I ask why do you want this feature when Gmail has it’s own SMTP server?


I want to send mails from different Mailadresses, but have control over them from only one account. Online this is no problem. You simply import the pop3 and smtp data and off you go.

In your client I would to have to import all the accounts again and disconnect them from my main Gmail account so I dont get mails double.

if I have understood right you want to have option what email account will send that mail and that is why you want multiple SMTP servers.

if so then because it is very specific request it will need to be demanded by more people before we will implement this. Until then we prefer to work on features request by more people.

so if this will be required more and more then it will be most likely implemented, but until then we have to listen to majority.


I would also love to have this feature. I use my Gmail-account as the basis of all my e-mail accounts. It would be great to have an offline client that can use all the different sending accounts of my Gmail… Untill then I cannot use eM client :frowning:


You can use multiple accounts for this, so far we are still not planning this.


Dear John,

The main reason to use gmail ‘send as’ feature is to have your ‘sent mail’ synced in one account. If I will have another account, eg my work account, there’s no way to see the mail I’ve sent from another place.

I think the main reason you still do not implement this is because you give 2 accounts for free.

Even Mac Mail app have this abilty!

It seems to work! Forum needs an update!

I’m also looking to configure one SMTP server per alias. I have downloaded the most recent version of eM Client, and I can’t seem to figure out how to do that.

So, See Touch, if you read this, I’d like to know how you did it :slight_smile: Thanks!

I would also like to see this featured implemented in the next version. I have 3 different emails accounts with 3 differetn SMPT serves set up in my Gmail. It works like charm in the Gmail web interface.

Hello Julio, you can add as many accounts as you want using the PRO version, if you’d like to use some of your accounts for sending only - e.g. only use the SMTP protocol, you can disable all other services including IMAP and Calendar with Contacts. This will allow you to select your account from the dropdown when sending and use any account you have access to, without the need to synchronise your items.

Or on gmail, you can connect your account with your main account and use other accounts as Aliases using their SMTP server.


I also would much like this feature!

> You can use multiple accounts for this, so far we are still not planning this.

True, however this causes several troubles.

  1. I want to be able to use both emclient on my main pcs but also keep using web based gmail when away. In order to solve this issue by setting up multiple accounts in emclient, it means I also have to “unlink” those additional accounts from gmail settings in order to avoid all duplicated emails
  2. point 1 unfortunately has serious implications: a) lost access to linked account from gmail web interface, b) lost gmail filtering rules for mails from additional accounts, c) lost gmail antispam on the additional accounts, d) duplicate/multiple configuration to be repeated on all my pcs with emclient (instead of just once in gmail), ecc. - BASICALLY it means either use gmail OR emclient but not both anymore (in which case gmail wins for me)
  3. probably slower syncs: emclient would have to connect with all accounts instead of just gmail

The main reasons I use linked accounts in gmail are indeed the antispam feature (linked mailboxes don’t have their own antisapm) and the fact that some of the linked addresses need to be delivered through their original SMTP server (not gmail smtp) in order to be accepted (so I cannot just define them as aliases).
The second reason would not be a problem (setting multiple accounts in emclient) but giving up on google antispam is another no go.

It is possible to use multiple accounts with em client but then all sent mails will be stored in the respective sent folder of these accounts AFAIK.

I have several mail accounts with many providers and with my own webspace where mails are sent  via their SMTP server but stored in another account.

  1. Typically I use one main IMAP/SMTP mail account to send and receive mails  with this account (actually I have several ones).

  2. I have set up many other mail accounts with SMTP only where I send mails with these mail accounts but all sent mails are stored in the main  account’s sent folder. BTW incoming mails are redirected to my main account.

  3. This way I have only one account where all mails are stored. So searching for an email doesn’t require to search across severeal accounts/providers or to know which account I used for a topic.

  4. With eM Client I can set up several SMTP-Only-Accounts but I can’t configure that sent emails are to be stored in  a folder of another account (for example IMAP, Gmail or Exchange) 

  5. I use a “Multiple SMPT accounts integration” with Gmail, Thunderbird and even with Outlook (where in business context it is a very common configuration).

So this feature would be very useful and appreciated.

I also would like to have this feature!!
My email is set up in exactly the same way as livio described above.
Please consider adding this feature to eM Client