GMail Messages Not Syncing

I am noticing that in the one GMail account that I sync that older messages are not showing up in eM Client. It appears that messages that I have recently sent and received are visible, but if I go into a folder that I have not used in a while, the older messages are not there. I have tried the Repair account option as well as going into the settings for the account and selecting to download messages to work off-line, both with negative results.

It looks like at times I can trick it to downloading the contents of the folder by moving an email message from another folder into the problem folder. It will then download the old messages, but this doesn’t always work.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Well I have similar problems with one and only gmail account (free edition) - but difference is that it works OK for some time, then suddenly stops receiving mail. Fix: Shut down eM and then start it again. Starting to be pain in the *** so I have started looking for alternatives.