Gmail messages aren't synchronizing

Hi there,

Whenever I add my Gmail account into eM Client it only downloads messages from my Inbox/Sent folders post March this year - nothing before.

The synchronization shows as successful but no message headers sent/received show up.

When I set up my Gmail on Outlook/Apple Mail/Windows Mail It works fine and all headers from 5000+ messages since 2010 show up.What is the cause of this on eM client? 

I tried enabling the ‘Download all messages for offline use’ in the settings but it made no difference.  


Even in the “All Mail” folder, old messages don’t appear?  Maybe you’re not giving it enough time to do the initial sync?

I’ve left my machine on with eM Client open all weekend - no change. 

I can see that in the operations log there’s an error that shows ‘An attempt to connect to [my email address] failed. This could be due to temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Do you want to check the settings?’

However the settings are all correct and they couldn’t be wrong if the first 3 months of data was downloaded - it’s just a Gmail IMAP account.

I have the same exact problem. Gmail hosts our domain’s email. I set up emClient on Friday. I am receiving new emails from gmail and can send emails but the email that has populated in all my folders is very spotty. I left it on all weekend and no change. I seem to have emails from March-May of this year and then randomly from other periods of time over the past six years but not a single folder is complete. I am not getting any error message logs and when I refresh, the synchronization says it completes. 

What is the result if you right-click on All Mail and choose Properties > Repair?

No dice. I think I’m going to have to bail on emclient and try G Suite Sync with Outlook.

It is probably about time for eM Client Inc. to comment on this ongoing issue. Fortunately I don’t use Google.

For sure because you have already gone above and beyond trying to help various people with these gmail sync issues. I’ve seen you all over the message boards. Thank you for trying to help us all!!!