gmail mail folders don't appear in my EM client after adding account

I have added a gmail account to my EM client. The account appears in my account along with my other email accounts but the mail folders do not appear in the main part of EM client. Can you advise?

One possibility is that you are using a Free License and have added more than two email accounts. In that case the third, fourth etc, will not connect to their servers so will remain empty.

You can also look in Menu > Tools > Operations and see if there are any errors in the Log tab.

Thanks Gary. That’s almost certainly the problem. I changed computer and probably need to dig out the key chain for my pro license again!. Not sure how I will find that but I will have a look. Thanks

One other question Gary. I purchased a lifetime upgrade which allowed me to use multiple addresses before. I have the emails but do you know how I can enter this in EM client so that it remembers who I am and lets me use the multiple email addresses?

If you have lost the activation key, go to this page and enter your registered email address. The key will be resent to you.

Then in eM Client, go to Menu > Help > License and activate the newly sent key. If you have already registered a Free License on that computer, first click on Deactivate, then Activate and paste in the new key.

100% success! Thank you so much for your inputs. Very very helpful indeed.