gmail login pb


I had to change my gmail password 2 days ago…
Now, I had to change it for em client also otherwise I could not receive my email.
After that, em client is still asking for the gmail password with the smscode verification.

When I enter the code, I get a javascript error…

Al my browsers (firefox, EI and Chrome) have javascript enabled.

EM Client is upgraded to the latest version.

Thanks for your support.

Hi Frederic,
unfortunately this is an issue we know about at the moment and are trying to find solution for.
Please try logging into your gmail account through webmail using Internet Explorer.
Try removing eM Client either from your connected apps (…) or from your App passwords (…) and then logging into eM Client, giving it the permission anew.
This has managed to help some users, but it might not work.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience this issue is causing.

Best regards,

Thanks for your message.
The strange is that on my windowsphone, it works fine…
I deleted all passwords permissions for my gmailaccount.
Please find a solution rapidly as the gmailaccount is my main mailaccount, agenda and contacts.

Thanks in advance to keep me updated.
Kind regards,

Hi Frederik,
could you also check if Internet Explorer is upgraded to the latest version and that you can login into your gmail through it?

Best regards,