Gmail "labels" not recognized in eM Client

Has anyone been able to get eM Client to recognize Gmail “labels”? eM Client “categories” don’t seem to be the equivalent of Gmail’s labels so when I tag things in eM Client via “cateogries” it’s not recognized in Gmail (logging into Gmail via the web browser) and vice versa (when I tag things in Gmail using “labels” it’s not recognized in eM Client “cateogries”.

the behavior of labels in eM Client is little different than on your online Gmail account. If you have multiple labels on your Gmail account you should be able to see different folders named as your labels in Gmails and labeled emails should be sorted in those folders.

Unfortunately this solution sometimes ends up in duplicite emails in your client - that’s unfortunately a standard behavior.

Thank you for understanding, I hope I answered your question, if you have any more issues/questions make sure to check back with us here on the forum.

I’m sorry for the late reply,